500 miles!

I have finally finished up in the jungle and am now onto the backpacking portion of my travels – more about that in the next post however….

My goal for the last 10 weeks of the work was to make it to walking 500 miles.  I only walked 200 in the first 10 weeks, so it was a bit of a stretch to do 300 in the second 10.  Being staff however meant there was a lot more survey walking to do, whereas the ending of the night walks halfway through phase took away a lot of the opportunity to do the 9 mile walks in the middle of the night.

You will all be excited to know that I made it to the 500 mile mark (800 kilometres!) scraping in at 501.75 miles.  I am really glad that I achieved my goal.  To put it in perspective I have walked the driving distance of Whangarei – Wellington in New Zealand, just under the driving distance of London to Geneva in Europe, just under the distance of Sydney to Melbourne in Australia, or 19 marathons – almost 1 marathon a week.  I am feeling pretty proud of myself there!

I had a disasterous incident a couple of weeks ago where I had a massive allergic reaction to *something* I ate for lunch and swelled up with hugely itchy hives all over my body.  It got progressively worse until I was covered, and then woke up the next morning with my eyes all swollen and not feeling great at all.  I headed into San Jose to the hospital where I was given steroids and anti-histamines, but the itching and swelling came and went for around 4 days until I was finally feeling better.  I have not had a reaction like that before, and am none the wiser as to what it was so cannot avoid eatin whateve it was!  I suspect pehaps the MSG in the soy sauce with lunch….. but have eaten it before with no problems so ??

In exciting wildlife news, I FINALLY saw a boat-billed Heron! I was super excited about it as I´ve been wanting to see one for 6 months.  I´d signed up for one final Cano Harold survey in the hopes of spotting the elusive bird, but after almost 4 hours we were close to finishing the survey and had not seen one.  I´d given up, when Rich paddled us onto a small side branch of the canal and deep in a tree, there he was!  We have also spotted a sloth right on base (Jo and I got so excited that he got frightened and ´ran´away deeper into the foliage, but everyone still got to have a good look).  I saw a white-lipped peccary (wild-boar type pig) on the last morning census, he was a tame one that lives at Turtle Beach Lodge.  Surprisingly very cute.

I am definitely going to miss the people from Cano Palma, but am not feeling too sad to be leaving, probably because I am now onto the next adventure.  I have had a fantastic 6 months in Costa Rica, learned a lot, and seen some amazing things.  Onwards and upwards however, here I come Central America!


One Response to “500 miles!”

  1. Eleanor Henderson Says:

    Where’s the pic of the sloth?! They are my ambition in life! I love them! Glad you’ve met most of your goals my dear, racking up the miles and wildlife spots. David Attenborough eat your heart out!

    Enjoy the rest of your time and see you soon xx

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