San Jose… boring!

I met a French girl on the first day at the Hostel who informed me she wasn’t so fond of the place… ‘nonsense’ I thought… ‘you just don’t know how to appreciate local culture’.  But, she was right.

Perhaps there is a lovely side of town that I haven’t yet discovered, but I have spent quite a few hours walking around and have yet to see anything but tatty no-brand shops and people hawking lottery tickets on the pavement.

No matter though, the rest of my time here is to be spent in study.  I’ve only got 3 days left, and have booked myself in for 4 hours of private spanish lessons each morning, so will have extra study to do in the afternoon and evening, and I’ve also discovered to my horror that there is apparently a whole lot of study to do for the volunteer programme that somehow never got communicated to me.

I met a couple that are also travelling up with the same programme, and they have a whole study handbook on turtles and birds that I’ve never seen.  So yesterday I borrowed their materials and am frantically trying to learn how to identify 30 different bird species by sight.  I’m discovering I couldn’t give a crap about birds…. I am definitely not a twitcher in the making.

Right – off to Spanish School I go!

Spider-o-meter: Has reduced to 0 as the solitary one above my bed has disappeared! (I probably ate it in my sleep)


2 Responses to “San Jose… boring!”

  1. Iris Greenland Says:

    Had a laugh about the birds – your dad’ll be disappointed as he’s a closet bird nerd. xxx

  2. Sarah Says:

    hey jessy, everything sounds brilliant. Such a good decision for you to make – life changing im sure! Thinking of you lots at the moment, big hugs and kisses!

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