San Jose

Here I am in San Jose! What a loooooong journey – it took around 20 hours all up therefore all I have done so far is sleep and visit the supermercado for some supplies.

Observations from the journey:

– There are porters for the Gatwick Express to help you with your luggage- who knew?

– Mexicana handed out a pouch containing: Socks, eye mask and toothbrush.  Later saw an old man walking around the plane with the pouch attached to his belt – why? Quick-draw sock requirements?

– In London (and perhaps elsewhere) teenagers menace public transport by sitting in the bus or tube playing awful music out loud on their cellphones.  Something I absolutely detest.  Somebody was doing that ON THE PLANE.  I think society is doomed.

Spider-o-meter: 1 – small, above hostel bed, not even scared

Mosquito bites: 0

Mosquitos squashed: 2

Weather: Pleasantly humid, not too hot to sleep.  Lovely!


One Response to “San Jose”

  1. Iris Says:

    V good about the porters!



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