The Consequences

Well, there is a reason they don’t send you full details of the trip until *after* you’ve paid your money…. it’s going to be bloody hard work! Days seem to begin at 03:30am with a hearty meal of porridge, followed by up to 18 hours of hard graft.  You’d think they would soften the blow with acknowledgement of whether you get any days off, or days where the schedule is not so gruelling, but apart from a mention of ‘one long weekend every 5 weeks’ there is not a lot on there.

The kit list is also quite comprehensive, money is pretty tight for me at the moment and there is a good few hundred quid worth of gear to purchse on this list.  Not to mention the fact that Hep B and Rabies injections are not covered on the NHS so I’m having to spend over £200 on injections! As I said to the lady at trailfinders… “I’d better bloody get bitten by a rabid beast after making this kind of investment!”

I’ve made contact with some of the others who will be attending this trip with me.  They’re all at least 10 years younger than me…. all attending University at the moment with hopes & dreams of being the ecowarriors of the future.  Here’s hoping we can all find some common ground and I’m not just the grouchy old lady in the corner.  At least given I’m on a traineeship I am actually supposed to have some kind of authority so my advanced age may work in my favour there.

I still have 6 weeks until I can hand in my notice at work, but have told a few trusted colleagues.  Most are really sweetly excited for me, and none of them would ever have fathomed me scooting around the world to do something like this.  There’s a perception that if we leave our current roles, what we’ll end up doing is just another, similar round of crap, for another similarly crap company.  Most of them are older than me and have families, mortgages, volvos, and feel trapped in to having to earn a ‘certain living’.  I think they see my leaving as a bit of a breath of fresh air, almost how I imagine the monkeys in the zoo would feel if another inmate managed to slip between the bars and swing off between the banana trees to freedom…….

I still have so much to do before I leave.  My social life has gone insane, which does not help with either the list of chores I need to get done, or the saving of money to finance this trip.  I need to sell my car.  I need to source a reasonably-priced pair of waterproof binoculars.  I need to break in my hiking boots, which are currently crippling me, so they do not cripple me while stuck in the jungle.  I need to actually make the effort to learn some Spanish which is stuck at the stage of ‘well I can count to 10’ – yes, very handy for a multitude of situations.

Still, as whinging as the above may sound, I’m still really looking forward to it (I hope).  I cannot wait to get out of my pointless job and try something new.  It’ll be so nice to actually physically do something, as our bodies were meant to, as opposed to being hunched over a PC all day (and most of the evening as well).  And best of all it will make a difference to the world in a way that selling Internet Circuits and Hosting never, ever will.


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